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Volleyball in Canada

Volleyball has been a part of Canadian culture for more than a century after the American-invented sport crossed the border and was initially played on Canadian soil in 1900 in Ottawa before quickly spreading east and west to Montreal and Toronto and beyond. Today, it's played at the high school and collegiate levels across the country, and a number of adults have continued to play it too. Additionally, both the men's and women's national teams are ranked in the world's top 20, and they have qualified for the Olympics on multiple occasions too.

Volleyball Supplies in Canada

Some of the most important volleyball supplies from Canada that players need are knee pads. This is due to the number of times that players are diving on the floor or otherwise kneeling down to dig a ball. Not only do knee pads guard against burns and scrapes, but they also protect the meniscus and patella so that injuries to those parts of the knee are much less likely to occur. Knee pads help support your knees as well so that they are much less likely to collapse or be overextended while you're playing or otherwise working out.

Canadian Volleyball Equipment Online Store

Our Canadian volleyball equipment online store offers high-quality knee pads amongst our volleyball supplies from Canada. These have been manufactured by Rucanor, who have allowed us as a leading volleyball sporting supplies distributor in Canada to pass them on to you as part of our comprehensive virtual warehouse. We also have on offer a number of other accessories from several industry-leading suppliers, including ourselves, to help you strengthen and protect the muscles that you use on the volleyball court. Also note that we offer same-day shipping, so you will be sure to receive your purchase right away.