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Although hockey and baseball are two of the most popular sports in Canada, several others have plenty of Canadian aficionados as well, including basketball, football, lacrosse, ringette, running, softball and soccer, and we as the leading sporting supplies distributor in Canada are proud to offer quality products to help you get the most out of these sporting experiences too. Our Canadian sporting equipment online store provides you with a selection of equipment and accessories that includes but is not limited to kneepads, laces, mouthguards and odor management products. Several of our sporting goods in Canada can also be used across a wide variety of sports.

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Sidelines Sports has been offering some of the world's highest-quality sporting goods equipment and accessories since this wholesaler and distributor was established in 1989. We bring together sporting goods in Canada that have been manufactured by a number of companies and combine those with Sidelines Sports-branded products to round out our selection so that we can serve as your virtual sporting goods warehouse. You can also find many of our products in brick-and-mortar stores throughout Canada. Scroll up and click "dealer locator" to see if that is a purchasing option for you as well.

Sporting Goods in Canada

Of these other sports that we offer gear and accessories for, lacrosse is the one that has the closest connection to Canada as it's our country's official national summer sport to go with hockey being our official sport for the winter time. Football has a significant Canadian influence as well as it is, for the most part, only played within these borders. Ringette is another one that has its roots in the Great White North. Of course, basketball, running, soccer, softball and volleyball are also passionately supported by many Canadians who put their own Canadian imprint on them.