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Sidelines Sports is your go-to authority for the equipment, accessories, and gear today's athletes crave. With a long history of delivering new and innovative sports equipment, Sidelines Sports has established itself as a premier wholesaler and distributor worldwide since 1989. Our mission is to provide our customers with products that are always on the cutting edge of innovation while still maintaining a high level of quality at competitive prices.


Sports Equipment Store in Canada

Sidelines Sports is a respected Canadian sports equipment online store that provides quality gear for athletes playing a variety of sports throughout the world. Our intention is to be your virtual warehouse, your go-to authority for the gear and accessories that you need to get to your potential while doing so in as safe a manner as possible. Thanks to the selection of respected manufacturers that we work with, we are able to offer a wide selection of products that suit a variety of budgets.


Canadian Sports Equipment Online Store

We also offer a number of our products in brick-and-mortar stores that are situated throughout the country. To see if a sports equipment store in Canada that does so is located near you, just click the "dealer locator" tab at the top of all of our web pages and see. Of course, you are also more than welcome to simply take advantage of our online offerings, and we will have your order shipped directly to you. Note that we do offer same-day shipping, so it should not take long at all to receive what you have purchased.