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Football in Canada

Although the American version of the sport has a significant number of aficionados, both players and fans, the version that's been played north of the border since the 1860s has plenty of its supporters as well. With so much passion for it, it's important to make sure to play this amazing sport with the best football supplies in Canada so that it is done safely and effectively, providing a way for you to simply focus on reaching as close to your potential as possible. Perhaps an appearance in the Grey Cup will await some of those taking advantage of the offerings in our Canadian football equipment online store.

Football Supplies in Canada

As a premier football sporting supplies distributor in Canada, we at Sidelines Sports offer quality accessories such as chinstraps, mouthguards and replacement cleats with an eye towards making your experience as safe as possible. In fact, our mouthguards are some of our most popular products. They have been manufactured by Makura Sport, a Welsh company that regularly protects the mouths, teeth and heads of athletes throughout the world. Additionally, the replacement cleats that are also in our online store have allowed a number of players to quickly get back into the huddle after equipment failures.

Canadian Football Equipment Online Store

If you're looking for football supplies in Canada, look no further as we offer a variety of quality equipment and accessories as well as same-day shipping. Also make sure to click on "dealer locator" at the top of this page to see if picking up your gear at a brick-and-mortar location is a possibility for you in addition to simply ordering here and having your shipment be delivered directly to your home. Regardless of how you make your purchase, rest assured that we've been offering sporting goods accessories since 1989 and are glad to help you get the most out of your footballing experience.