Soccer Equipment and Accessories

Canada's Most Popular Sport

As far as participants go, soccer is Canada's most popular sport. In fact, it's been the top sport for children ages 5-14 since at least 1998 while a greater percentage of Canadians of all ages play the sport than do Italians. Many Canadian players also aspire to represent their country at the World Cup, and some do as Canada's women's team has played at every one since 1995 and also took home a bronze medal from the 2012 Summer Olympics. All of these Canadian players need soccer supplies from Canada, and we at Sidelines Sports are glad to provide them.

Canadian Soccer Equipment Online Store

The soccer supplies from Canada that we carry include cleats, laces, shin tape and mouthguards. Our selection of mouthguards is especially impressive as they have been manufactured by Makura Sport, one of the world's leaders in mouthguards; the company has designed and manufactured ones of high quality that are also competitively priced for some time. Our cleats, laces and shin tape have also been well received by those who have visited our Canadian soccer equipment online store in the past and picked some up for use in their upcoming matches.

Soccer Supplies in Canada

We at Sidelines Sports are proud of being a top soccer sporting supplies distributor in Canada as we have helped athletes reach as close to their potential as possible since we were established in 1989. Once you discover what will complete your soccer-playing experience, make sure to take advantage of our same-day shipping. If you need assistance, rest assured that our quality customer service department will be glad to help you. We can also assist you in finding what you need for when you take time off of the soccer pitch and want to play something else.