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Canadians are active. Many play hockey, of course. Others regularly play baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and other sports. Additionally, nearly everybody who plays a sport goes running on at least a sporadic basis, whether that's amongst the incredible scenery that Canada is known for, on busy streets or on a treadmill. And all of these Canadian athletes need to procure some quality, reasonably priced athletic equipment and accessories, which is where our sports supply online store enters the picture as we have been helping athletes compete at a high level since our business was established in 1989.

Sporting Supplies Distributor in Canada

A number of the sports accessories from Canada that we offer can be applied to a variety of sports, and we have placed those here for you so that you can enjoy convenient access to them. These include health and support products, which help protect the parts of your body that most need protecting, both as a proactive move to help prevent injuries and strains from happening as well as to help you recover from ones that already have. Many of these sports accessories from Canada have been provided by Pro-Tec Athletics, which has been protecting athletes since 1991.

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This sporting supplies distributor in Canada is also proud of the training and coaching aids that we have on offer for you so that those who tutor the talented athletes who are working out in Canada and throughout the world can more thoroughly impart all of the impressive knowledge that they have. In fact, many of the sports accessories from Canada that we offer in this comprehensive section of our online warehouse are Sidelines Sports-branded. We are especially proud of these accessories, what we ourselves have brought to the market, products that filled gaps that had existed.