Why You Should Be Protecting Your Skates with RollerGard

RollerGard was founded with a simple purpose—making it easier for skaters of all ages and skill levels to move as easily off the ice as they do when they’re on it while effectively safeguarding their blades from damage.

Since launching the first RollerGard, the company has continued to expand its product offering to include:

  • RollerGards: The flagship and patented products, RollerGards have been engineered so that your blades will never touch the bottom of your RollerGards, helping them keep their sharper edges. They feature durable, non-marking wheels suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are constructed with ABEC-5 bearings and lightweight plastics.
  • SuperGards: SuperGards have the same features found in RollerGards (superior no-touch blade protection, high-quality materials, and durability), but come without the wheels for users who prefer a more traditional style of skate guard.

RollerGards and SuperGards are one-size-fit-all solutions that work with any type or brand of hockey skate. They are made with a locking mechanism that keeps blades securely in place when the guard is in use, and they’re available in a range of colours including red, blue, pink, and black.

Answers to Your RollerGard FAQs

What size RollerGards should I buy?

RollerGards are designed for an out-of-the-box fit. RollerGards are recommended for skates size nine and under and for skaters who weigh 90kg (200lb) or less. SuperGards can be worn with skates of any size.

After sizing your RollerGards with the axels, brake, and wheels, you can cut off any excess guard to get your custom fit. RollerGard has found the ideal tool to be a PVC pipe cutter, but a sharp saw or blade will also do the trick. Whatever your method, please make sure you exercise caution when trimming your RollerGards.

How do I put my RollerGards together?

RollerGard created a PDF with a breakdown of step-by-step instructions. Click here to download it.

How do I put on my RollerGards?

RollerGards and SuperGards are designed to be easy and quick to put on. Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

How do I purchase RollerGards?

Simple—through Sidelines!

Click here to view our complete section and place your order.

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