Brand News: Sidelines Sports Is Now the Exclusive Distributor for Makura Sport in Canada, Adding Mouthguards to Our Product Lineup!

Sidelines Sports is excited to announce the new addition to our product offering—Makura mouthguards! We are proud to be Makura Sport’s exclusive distributor in Canada and geared up to make Makura the preferred mouthguard for Canadian athletes from coast to coast.

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Makura’s lineup of high-quality mouthguards is made to suit the needs of any athlete, whether an entry-level mouthguard suited for a casual player or an upper level product designed to keep the most hard-core athletes protected at all times:

  • A Lineup Designed for Canadian Athletes: The KYRO PRO™ is available either strapped or strapless. All other Makura mouthguards are convertible (TOKA CONVERTIBLE™, IGNIS CONVERTIBLE™, TEPHRA MAX CONVERTIBLE™, and LITHOS CONVERTIBLE™), meaning a detachable strap is included so you can use your mouthguard with or without it.
  • Innovative Technology: Makura’s mouthguards are designed to give users unbeatable protection and uncompromised comfort through proprietary innovations like SHOKBLOKER™ outers, GELFORM™ liners, and more.
  • Industry-Leading Certifications: Makura’s products are CE certified to ensure they meet rigorous quality and safety standards.
  • Independent, Third-Party Testing: All of Makura’s mouthguards are impact and innocuous tested to confirm they will keep wearers safe and don’t contain harmful materials.

Visit Makura’s website to learn more about its mouthguards, find out about the technology that goes into them, access resources like fitting instructions, and more!

Discover Makura Mouthguards


This mouthguard features a SHOKBLOKER™ outer as well as AIRTHRU channels and SLIPSAFE pads. It’s available in two colours (clear or black), two sizes (junior or senior), and strapped or strapless.


This product boasts a SHOKBLOKER™ body plus technology for a secure fit. It’s available in two sizes, junior for athletes aged 10 and under and senior for athletes aged 11 and over, and six colours:

  • Polar White
  • Cooled Blue
  • Laser Red
  • Emerald Green
  • Black Granite
  • Electric Pink

The TOKA CONVERTIBLE™ includes a convertible strap, which means you can use your mouthguard with or without the strap—whichever is your preference.


By combining a SHOKBLOKER™ outer, a GELFORM™ liner, and more, the IGNIS CONVERTIBLE™ mouthguard keeps you protected and comfortable. It’s available in junior and senior sizes and seven different colour combinations:

  • Black Granite/Molten Orange
  • Cooled Blue
  • Laser Red
  • Emerald Green
  • Electric Pink
  • Polar White
  • Black Granite

Like the TOKA CONVERTIBLE™, the IGNIS CONVERTIBLE™ also includes a convertible strap that you can easily attach to and remove from your helmet.


This mouthguard provides the highest level of protection—incorporating SHOKBLOKER™ and GELFORM™ technologies alongside AIRTHRU channels, SLIPSAFE pads, and FLEXICORE™ strength. It’s available in one size (senior) and three colour combinations:

  • Cobalt Blue/Molten Orange/Cooled Blue
  • Cobalt Blue/Polar White/Laser Red
  • Polar White/Black Granite/Emerald Green

The TEPHRA MAX CONVERTIBLE™ is available with a convertible and fully detachable strap.


This mouthguard is designed specifically for wearers of fixed braces. It is made from medical-grade silicon rubber and includes an ORTHO CHANNEL that fits securely over braces without damaging them or your teeth. It’s available in a senior size, can be fitted with a detachable strap, and comes in two colours, Ice Blue and Crystal Pink.

The LITHOS CONVERTIBLE™ is includes a convertible strap that can be easily attached and detached.

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