We are the leader in distributing hockey and sport accessories in Canada.

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Sidelines Sports™ was established in 1989 and is a premier sporting equipment wholesale distributor serving the Canadian and United States markets, with a growing European presence.

Sidelines Sports™ stocks and distributes high quality products from world leading manufacturers such as ShockDoctor™, AdamsUSA™, North American Tapes™, Smart Hockey™, Tacki-Mac Grips™, Kloz Inc™, Hockey Tul™, Hot Glove™, and Sidelines Sports™ under our own brand name.

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What's New

NEW - Danglator – Stick Handling Training Aid

The Danglator Stickhandling aid is design to be easily installed around any hockey glove size. The Danglator serves as a channel for the hockey stick to fit comfortably, this stops the player from squeezing his bottom hand on the stick. This technique is well known to help discover the players full range of motion and improve their stickhandling skills.

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